The Tangale people are one of the smaller tribes in the "middle belt" of Nigeria.  They are located in Gombe State, and their political center is the town of Billiri.  They migrated into Nigeria long before the Europeans settled there and have a rich history of culture and tradition. 

The Tangale are predominately Christian in religion,  but there is a small percentage of Islam and traditional religion as well.  The native language is Tangale, but most speak Hausa as well since it the most common language in northern Nigeria.

Agriculture is the foundation of the Tangale economy. Maize, guinea corn, beans, and ground nuts (peanuts) are the main crops grown by the Tangale people as well as rice on a much smaller scale.  Raising livestock and small-scale local  trade are also common.  As the availability of quality education increases, new opportunities are presenting themselves such as teaching and military service.  A very small minority have entered the medical field, politics, and higher education.

The Tangale are ruled by the Mai Tanglem Kude or Big Tangale Chief.  The current Mai Tangalem Kude, Mai Sheru Mallam Abdu Buba, was crowned in March 2002 and resides in the chief's palace in Billiri.